Nymphaion, Treaty of

Nymphaion, Treaty of
   City in western Asia Minor (q.v.), where Michael VIII Palaiologos (q.v.) signed a commercial treaty with Genoa (q.v.) on 13 March 1261, directed against Venice (q.v.). Genoa was to make 50 ships available to Michael to help wrest Constantinople (q.v.), defended by a Venetian fleet, from the Latin Empire (q.v.). Once Constantinople had been reconquered, Byzantium (q.v.) was obliged to give to Genoa all the commercial privileges formerly enjoyed by Venice. As it turned out, no Genoese help was needed to recapture Constantinople. What the treaty did produce was nearly two centuries of conflict in the eastern Mediterranean between Genoa and Venice. It also laid the foundation of a Genoese trading empire that stretched into the Black Sea (q.v.).

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